The day had come.  Curtains pattern and colour choosing day.  Come on lad, pull yourself together.  I don’t think I’m unusual in that I feel a bit lost in a haberdashery.  I like the word.  In fact I think it’s a great word.  A haberdashery of a word.  But its not a place where I can feel comfortable. 

The problem is that a haberdashery is a place where you have to make bold decisions.  Bold, but not necessarily your’s.  They’re made to feel like they’re yours, but really you’re just agreeing to decisions already made by someone else.  The uncomfortable feeling comes from trying to second guess what decisions have already been made.  I’m not making light of this.  The consequences are not immaterial.  In fact, they are material.  Literally.  It’s enough to put you in a cold sweat. 

You can imagine the conversation can’t you. 

What colour do you think the curtains should be?

I think yellow, a soft yellow to lighten and brighten it up.

I’m sorry, did you just say Yellow?  Yellow?  Are you mad?  Yellow?  Idiot…haven’t you got any colour co-ordination?

Um, well, yeah

It wasn’t a question.  What about this Indian Ocean colour?

Blue? Oh yes, I like that.  That’s smart.

I don’t like it.  We’re not having that colour in the bus.

Good idea.  It’s quite similar to Rangers’ colours.  Can’t have Rangers’ colours in the bus. 

Shut up… idiot.  What about this purple and lime green?

Purple and lime green?  Hang on, I can see what you’re doing there, trying to trick me again. That looks awful.  It makes me feel sick


I like it. Now I’ve looked at it properly.  Hmmm, I like it, I like it a lot.  Purple & Lime.  I bet it tastes good too.  I love a bit of lime and purple.

Shut up.  Idiot

Haberdashed again. 


Curtain Pattern

The truth is we got the material on the cheap and the lime/purple thing on a cream background looked good.  I told you purple and cream would feature in the makeover.  The lime was a new colour in the scheme of things and it would be interesting to know how it worked once it was hung.  Like I’d really have a strong or influential view one way or the other.

With the material bought our researcher on the refit team, Sarah, found someone who could actually turn it into curtains to fit all the way round the bus.  We used a lady called Mel at  We posted the material off and within two weeks we had our curtains back.  Lined and everything – all ready to be hung.  Of course they wouldn’t be hung for a while but we could check the colour match.  And I confess, I think the colours work.  Even the lime up against the mustard custard didn’t look out of place. 

We had some spare material which we’d use later to make other things out of.  I was thinking of some summer shorts for Sarah.  She’s not so keen for some reason.  Can’t think why. 


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