Do you know, I think we might actually be getting somewhere with this refurb. We’re not far off our first post-refurb trip.  Hang on a minute.  I remember last summer, when we did our first two overnighters in Dorset and Kent and that got us thinking…..  We haven’t got any bits and bobs.
By bits & bobs we mean all that paraphenalia that goes with camping.  We’ve got a cooker – not built in yet, but it will be.  We will have cupboards and a wardrobe with hanging rail.  We’ve got curtains and bedding for night time.  We even have a few cups and perhaps the odd plate.  But we don’t have deck chairs or a table.  We have a camping kettle – one of those ones that take about a year to boil on the hob.  We don’t have those cute little salt and pepper pots that every camper should have.  Most importantly we don’t have an awning.
I say importantly, because when all’s said and done, the bus is quite cramped, especially when the bed is down and its a bit of a shock when you open the bus sliding door first thing in the morning.  It feels like you’re practically inviting the world inside as the outside is literally inches away from your face.  An awning, on the other hand, would give you that extra bit of privacy and a space between you, the inside of the bus and your neighbours.  It’s also somewhere to leave your shreddies without catching anyones attention.

Do you know how much an awning costs? !!  Upwards of £400  !!  For crying out loud.  Unless you want one that will fall to pieces after its first summer.   Four Hundred Pounds !!  It’s not even a tent, it’s just an awning!

Well we weren’t going to spend that much so Sarah got searching for an awning on-line.   I don’t know how she finds these things so quickly and from so many different places, but in no time we were off to some place down Eastbourne way to pick up one of those simple to erect awnings.  They say one person can get the thing up in less than 2 minutes.  All the poles are integral to the system and it’s just a case of unfolding it.  Yeah, well, let’s see about that another time.

The people we were buying the awning from were serial campers with one of those big white campervan things.  They’ve travelled all over Spain and Portugal, so it seems, and have just about every little gadget you could think of.  We only wanted the awning and we agreed that that’s all we’d be leaving with.  We were not going to be suckered into buying anything extra.  We’d already agreed the price of the awning at £120 and that was it.  Beside, who wants other people’s second hand salt and pepper pots? 

“You’ll love these chairs”

Will I now.

“They’re ever so good. “

Are they.

“Go on try them.  Here let me get it out the bag for you….”

No no, you don’t have to do that.  We’ve only come for the awning.

“There you go.  Look at those.  They’re dead comfy.  Proper jobs.  £20 the pair.”

£20 you say.  hmm.  Let us think about that for a second.  Whispering to Sarah – they’re at least £40 each brand new aren’t they?  OK. we’ll take the chairs.

You’ll need a table


Look at this.  It’s legs unscrew and you can have a little coffee table, or a little table to play chess or draughts on, or a tall table to eat your dinner off of… from your new chairs.  Brilliant isn’t it.


Here I’ll put that with the chairs.  You got a kettle then?

Yeah got one of those thanks

Here.  It’s your’s for free.

Really?  ooh that’s nice.  It’s an electric one.
That’s right.  Low voltage so it can run off your battery.  Hose pipe – you’ll definately need one of those.

Will we?

Have it.  It’s yours.  How much cable you got?  You know for the electric hook up.
10m.  Plenty I’d imagine.

That’s not enough by a long yard.  Here’s twenty.  Make that forty.  We always carry spare.  You may as well take this too.

What is it?

It’s a solar panel – clip it onto the battery and it will trickle charge it.  Works on a cloudy day too.

That must be expensive

It is, but you can have it.  We don’t need it.


Really.   Now here’s something you’ll need.  It’s helped us out many a time.  You never know when you’ll need it and you’ll thank the Lord you’ve got one.  It’s got a little bit of wear and tear but it’s dead comfy.

What’s that then?

A Port-a-loo.  Just the one proud owner.  Proper job

I bet it is…………


One comment on “BLOG 23 – BITS & BOBS

  1. Used kettle – no probs
    Used cable – no probs
    Used solar panel – brilliant
    Used portable toilet – OH NO! 🙂

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