It’s April, 2010.  To add some clarity for those who have followed this blog for the last year, the stories are in chronological order beginning in August 2009 and the last story, “Airfix Kit – 1974 Bus”, taking us through to April 2010.   

That means I’m one year behind. 

Sorry.  I’ve always been about eight months behind I guess.

But then being so far behind does give me time to think up things that didn’t really happen and meld them with things that really did happen.  Really.

I’m also sorry to say that there is a year’s worth of drivel still to come, including our trip to Nearly Spain, the Barge Weekend, a Birthday gathering in Kent, watching the world cup in Norfolk, the book, the TV series and the film[3] plus much much more[1] !. 

So far, if you’ve read it all[2], then you’ve read over 22,000 words.  That’s the equivalent of a small book.  Well done you.  Here’s to the next 22,000 words and all the stories that haven’t yet formed in my head.

[1] “Much Much More” generally means you’ve seen the good bits and that’s about it.  The good bits weren’t even that good to be honest.    

[2] I know of about 7 of you who have read it right through – who the rest are I’ve no idea but thank you anyway.  Which does make me wonder who is reading this?   If you are a reader please post a comment after this blog.  A simple “Me !” or “I read it” or “yep” will be enough.

[3] There is no film.  Of course there isn’t.  You know that, but my Mum might think there is. Sorry Mum, there isn’t a film.


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