Why? Where? Are you mad? How Far?  750 miles – that’s how far. 

Seven Hundred & Fifty miles…. 

1200 km !!

750 miles each way. 

Both ways that’s 1/6th of the way around the world.  One whole sixth!

And we were going to drive it !!

Flat out at an average speed of 40mph that’s 19 hours solid driving each way.  Seventy Six gallons of fuel… not including the running around… nine or ten tanks of petrol.  Too many wallets of dosh. 

Well it’s a good job we’ve got comfy seats, a top quality entertainment system and air conditioning that works.

Please don’t confuse average speed with top speed.  I’d be surprised if the average speed was as much as 40mph to be honest.

Godge to Carcassonne

Godge to Carcassonne

We had decided and planned our trip to France some months ago and had set ourselves a daunting challenge of holidaying in the Carcassonne area in the South of France.  Go look at a map – Carcassonne is about 40 miles from Spain.  We were going to drive to the Pyrenees foothills. 

Lands End to John O’Groats[1] is approximately 850 miles to give an idea of how far we were going.  The only place I know that’s further away is Norfolk.  

Thinking back on it we were naïve to imagine that driving all that way in a 36 year old bus that we barely knew would not have its challenges, worries and problems.  I say naïve…. Sarah’s naivety was born out of blissful ignorance, mine was born out of sheer worry. 

Hey ho, the only way to deal with sheer worry is to just to ignore it and crack on.  Sarah was already blissfully ignoring the peril whilst I just buried the worry until I needed it most, that being when it actually happens.  Bloke default position.

Research Sarah researched and booked most of the accommodation for the trip.  We booked the first two en-route nights in advance, the third we would leave to fate.  Our aim was to reach Alet le Bain, a small town 15 miles south of Carcassonne, sometime on our third day of hard driving. We would stay there 5 nights.  After that a hop-skip-& a-jump up the road to the Gers Department to stay in an isolated six pitch campsite for another 6-7 nights before heading back via some yet to be discovered campsites.

We were looking forward this.  Ignorance really is bliss and a fundamental ingredient to the romantic road trip we had planned. 

And why not I ask.  Why not….  Why not indeed.

[1]    There is a reason why the well known phrase “Lands End to John O’Groats” is not the other way round.  It’s all about the destination.  Where would you rather be?[a]

[a]    I confess I’ve never been to John O’Groats but I’d imagine its more dramatic than Lands End – what with it being in Gods Country.


2 comments on “BLOG 30 – VIVA LA TRIP

  1. Micha says:

    One sixth of the way around the world? You’re living in a small world then, the moon perhaps…

    • sapabus says:

      well spotted. I knew it was wrong when I wrote it but couldn’t be bothered to work out the real numbers. I think I’ll leave it in there to see if anyone else notices

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